Committed to Educational and Life Success for Each and Every Student

Dear Neighbors,

I am running for reelection to the Sacramento County Board of Education. It’s been an honor to serve the past 4 years, advocating for and with students for better, more just schools and expanding opportunities for each and every student.  I want to continue to advance the priorities I initially ran to accomplish including:

  • Ensuring more access to mental health and social emotional supports at schools.
  • Increasing youth voice and civic engagement.
  • Improving equity and academic/ life outcomes for our students who are “at promise” for greatness but face economic, racial, cultural, and social barriers to success.  


A few accomplishments  I am proud of during  in my first term are: SCOE  launching an effort to place a social worker in each school,  creating a resiliency scholarship fund, raising $50,000,  to help our Juvenile Hall  and Community School students attend college, advocating successfully  for creation of a state “seal of civic engagement”  and supporting the implementation of the “civic seal” in Sacramento City Unified School District and making a focus on equity, diversity and inclusion  a priority for the County Office.  

I bring over 25 years of experience uniting groups together to form partnerships to improve student outcomes, creating new innovative programs, and developing our next generation of youth leaders. I am also proud of my record mentoring at-risk students in high school and helping to guide them into higher education and careers.

I hope I have earned your trust and confidence by what I have accomplished to date and request your support for the things I want to accomplish in my next term. These include:  

  • Sustaining the social worker in every school program and developing schools as “centers of wellness”.
  • Expanding access to career education and early college programs
  • Making progress on our equity efforts so a student’s zip code, race, culture and income will not determine their success. 
  • Supporting the implementation of the “seal of civic engagement” and “ethnic studies” in all 13 of our school districts.
  • Increasing mentoring, tutoring, arts, and enrichment programs for low-income students. 
  • Working with the City and County to expand access to quality childcare and early learning opportunities.  
  • Advocating to increase state funding for education (California is 40th in per pupil funding) and working on local strategies to increase funding for students
  • Creating a youth seat on our SCOE board, thanks to new legislation 
  • Giving students ages 16 up the right to vote on school board elections.

My vision is a more just educational system that ensures each student has access to high quality, culturally relevant and interesting in school and out of school educational opportunities with the appropriate supports students need to be prepared for college, work and civic life. I hope you will join me to achieve this vision.

SCOE trustee areas are large, and it will take funding to get my message out.  Please consider a financial contribution for my re-election campaign

Thank you to those who have already endorsed me. If you would like to endorse me, click here.

Together we can change the odds and ensure better outcomes for each and every of our students -no matter their zip code, race, culture and income.  

Bina Lefkovitz